ROCKING WITH THE YOUNGING ! Before he was Lomaximoproductions or MakeMullah, DJ Feliz Fresh was just a Dominican kid from the Bronx, now in Manhattan named Anurfo Feliz. Introduced to the art of turntables at age 12, All his scratches on social media made him reach out to others and continued to do so. Persons who includes DJ Feliz Fresh to motivate is Danny S, Philip Ferrari, Incrediboi and his helper, brother, may R.I.P, DJ Jinx Paul. Currently now making mixes, going club to club in New York City just promoting himself. The Project that DJ Feliz Fresh is looking to do in the future is join the DJ Battle and be on radio station either in New York City or in Florida.

After In late of 2012, Feliz Fresh was taught by DJ Flip One of doing edits like other DJs does. DJ Feliz Fresh practiced more and more until it came out perfectly. Once he released all his edit through social media, big DJs such as DJ Alex Sensation, DJ Jinx Paul, DJ Pino & more played his edits on the radio and also at the clubs. He was amazed that his idols DJs was playing his edits at a young age.

In late 2013, DJ Feliz Fresh always stays home also continuing doing more edits, and improved his DJ Skills. He upgraded his equipment to a better equipment that DJ’s use to scratch. He learned a lot from youtube and continued to practice over and over till he got it right. DJ Feliz Fresh also entered at a Latin Mixx Awards DJ Show Case showing his incredible scratches to his fellow communities. A lot of people was in shock and impressed just cause of his scratching and also a teenage. Practice makes perfection.

For six consecutive years (2013 – 2019) Fresh Feliz has now been in a member of a group called “MakeMuillah” in 2014 and still repping his crew. Another latin company member who he was with, “ Lomaximoproductions” since 2014 and still is and continued to grind with his fellow teams. This is a great accomplishment for DJ Feliz Fresh to start his career the right way for a new year.

In addition of now DJ Feliz Fresh is now in a movement of joining a radio station at a young age so people can be surprised that he still a young man doing his thing at this young age. Making more creating music and expanding his social media so others and his fan could see that DJ Feliz Fresh is still grinding.

“Never give up” – DJ Jinx Paul